Lifeguard Training And Certification For Employment

Las Vegas is a city that is built on opportunity. The entire area was built up by providing food and lodging services to travelers who were moving across the desert from the east coast to the west coast during the 1800’s, and where there was once only a desert there became a small town. From that point, Las Vegas realized that the business of providing people not only what they need, but what they want is going to assure that money is made. The entire economy of the area shifted over to providing patrons the ability to feel as though they were special, glamorous, rich and important, even if it were only for the short time they were visiting. The locals of the Las Vegas area realized that there was real opportunity in this experiment, and that making people want to come to your city provides you with the ability to make a living. In Las Vegas, thousands of people are employed in service industries that are not nearly as popular in other areas of the country, and when combined with the employment opportunities that are typical to every city it equals an area that has real potential for anyone who wants to seek it out. In a nutshell, Las Vegas is the place where if you want to work, you are going to be able to find work.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Las Vegas and Henderson areas is that there are employment opportunities here that are very slim in other areas. Lifeguarding is one of these areas, where the warm weather combined with the fact that nearly every hotel and property offers its guests a pool to escape the heat in, translates to the need for hundreds if not thousands of lifeguards. In other areas, the colder weather shuts pools down for most of the year, and even during the summer only see few patrons. Las Vegas on the other hand operates thousands of pools, and each and every one of them that fits into certain legal descriptions is going to have to employ lifeguards. Even the pools that are not required to have lifeguards for insurance reasons are still going to employ them just to keep the patrons safe, so in many ways Las Vega is the “lifeguard capital of the world,” even though the area has almost no natural water bodies. In Las Vegas, the desire of people to create their own landscape has transformed a desert into an oasis, and for lifeguards it represents huge opportunities.

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