Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Pit Bull

Giving your pitbull a name has more to choose from than one that sounds good. Choosing the perfect name is not easy and most Pit Bull owners base the name they give their dogs on their own ideal of which character the dog should represent.

Unfortunately, Pit Bull owners choose some bad names and this article will tell them how to avoid the nasty name and find the perfect name for their Pit Bull.

Many Pit Bull owners choose names like Bear or Tank or Bull or some other name that reflects the strength and size of the dogs.

Other owners, well, go to the other side of the coin and choose names like softy, sugar, honey or fluffy.

What you choose to name your dog depends entirely on you, but here are some things you may want to consider when choosing the name of your Pit Bulls …

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Pit Bull

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1. One or two syllables. The easier it is to say, the easier it will be to use. Your dog will learn to respond faster to shorter names. This is based on training with shorter words.

2. The dog likes it. You can see when a dog likes a name. Say the name with a normal voice and see if your dog responds. If they ignore it, choose another name. The name should get a response without having to act like a fruitcake to lure your dog to pay attention.

3. Single. I love the unique Pit Bull names. Tank is not unique. Neither is Bear or Killer or Fluffy. Choose a name that has value for you and your dog, but this is unique at the same time.

Choosing the perfect name for your Pit Bull takes time and if you follow the above criteria and search the web for lists of dog names, you can find a name that suits your dog and to your liking.

In short, choose a name that has a different purpose than telling the world that your dog is strong or that you can love it. The names are how people say a lot about animals, so take the time to choose a name that fits your Pit Bull.