Article Writing Services For More Traffic

SEO content writing services are very important if you want to get the most traffic online to your website. SEO articles are highly sought after from webmasters and publishers because they know the effect it can have on an online business. A really good SEO article can get up to 1000 hits online. Now, imagine if you paid for 10 SEO articles. You can easily get 10,000 hits to your website, which could result in an average of 10-50 sales, depending on the layout and make up of your site.

Buy now, you should get a pretty good idea why SEO content writing services are so popular and why it is a good idea to use them. Before you get with any SEO article writing company, it is important to learn a little SEO and jak napsat článek yourself, that way, you can check for the effectiveness of an article.

Keyword density- There is no ‘etched in stone’ keyword density that everyone should go by; however there are some Internet marketers and search engine researchers who say there is. Google seems to change this density every so often to keep up with the integrity of the search engines. Keyword density is the amount of times you add a keyword into the article. So, the amount to aim for is 2-3%. Anything more than this would be considered spamming and Google will probably de-index your article from the search engines. This means, for every 450 word article you write, you should include the main keyword at least 9 times n order to get a good keyword density. This is important in order to get the best results in the search engines, however; it is not the only formula in this equation. Let us take a closer look:

Low Competition Keywords- We has all heard this before; look for the low competition keywords and use them in your article. For one, let us be clear; even if the keyword has low competition, if it does not get enough searches per month on an average, you will not get a lot of hits to your website. So, you can use Google Adwords Tool to get a free listing of keywords. Look for the box that has the lowest amount of green shaded in the box and at least 1000-4000 searches per month. Find at least 3 other keywords like this, and now you have the foundation to writing a good SEO article.

Now, you will need to think about word placement. Most SEO professionals know about this. This is when you strategically sprinkle the keywords throughout the article. The best places are at the beginning of the paragraph and the end of the article.

There are a lot of ways you can utilize SEO articles to your advantage. With a good SEO articleArticle Submission, you can get tons of traffic without relying on expensive alternatives such as PPC advertising.

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