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Is Online TV really Worth it

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Online TV has several advantages over cable and satellite TV in that you can watch it from any location in the world provided you have a reliable and stable internet connection. Online television is available from the internet and it means that you don’t have to fix satellite dishes and cable networks to watch local TV channels even when you are away from your country for work or holiday.

When you consider the cost of watching online television channels, it’s a breeze compared to paying the $60-$90 per month for cable TV channels. Online TV such as pinoytvtfc.com is by far the cheapest option available since it does not come with monthly fees at all. All you may be required to pay is a small onetime membership fee for the set up. This is usually a onetime $50-$80 fee depending on the type of software that you want to download. Some software for online TV are more expensive than others while there are still others that have less variety and cost more for their superior quality.

While you can be able to catch 300-500 channels with satellite and cable TV, when you decide to watch TV over internet, you can easily get 3500 TV channels. This is a very wide variety of channels including movies, sports, news, sci-fi, cartoons, educational shows, documentaries, drama, series and episodes. These are channels that are collected from more than 70 countries around the world and you can have channels in more than 50 languages to watch. This is a wide variety of channels considered that they are free to air and you won’t have to pay any monthly recurring fees whatsoever.

To be able to activate your computer to receive the free to air TV channels online, you will need to have a computer with a RAM memory of more than 500mb and speeds of more than 330 MHZ. This will ensure that your image files don’t hang on your computer monitor and that you don’t spend too much time waiting for the TV feeds to be downloaded to your computer.